SCENIC VILLAS, Pokfulam                                                  HK$82,000 inclusive



Scenic Villas has staying power. It’s rare that anyone moves out once they move in (and if they do, it’s simply because they’re leaving Hong Kong; their children have moved to a different school campus and they prefer to be next door; or they have decided to downsize). 

Five reasons we love Scenic Villas:
1. Apartments are a good size with 4 bedrooms and a spacious balcony.
2.    The views are stunning over the Lamma channel.
3.    Scenic Villas has great facilities for adults and kids of all ages; including tennis courts, swimming pools, a basketball court, a playground, a gym. Other useful onsite benefits include a supermarket, flowershop, shuttle bus and the option to have an electric car charging point for your car.
4.    Scenic Villas boasts a friendly, international community.
5.    The Pokfulam property is 10 minutes by car to Central, it’s close to well-established schools and within walking distance of dog parks, cinema, restaurants, HSBC banking facilities and a post office.

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Property No. 1922116 (8th May 2019)