36 ELGIN STREET - FOR SALE                                           HK$14.5M/HK$40,000

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Invest in Style – 36 Elgin Street, Soho

This bright, airy apartment is a great investment. Located in a low-rise building in a developing area, it’s getting attention from developers. It’s also a winner for those looking to rent. Couples and singles have historically snapped it up really quickly, and here’s why:


1.    Conveniently located in SoHo, and yet the apartment is quiet and peaceful

2.    There’s a large, open kitchen with a wine fridge and small dishwasher

3.    Well thought-out, spacious living room, with a discreet Murphy wall-bed for guests

4.    Master bedroom has plenty of storage – including space for out-of-season clothes under the hydraulic bed


(Property Reference Number: 519148 - 13th March 2019)